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If I knew these were the last words I would ever hear from you I probably would have responded earlier. I would have probably done many things different had I known. Had I known my birthday week would have had so many ebbs and flows I wouldn’t have called it ‘Party Week’ just should have gone with a week. A week in life.

See, on Monday I turned 30. As usual I get a bunch of phone calls and messages from many different people all over the world- people I’ve never met, people I have been to school with, people I have grown up with, people who I chat or Skype with online, colleagues, family, friends and even people I never hear from any other day of the year and it’s so lovely to get so many birthday wishes and know that for this special day I have just made another milestone. I had a lovely dinner with my family and declared that I was taking the week off from working on my business or teaching duties and just going to read and watch movies- chill out- so of course I called it my ‘party week’.

Tuesday rolled around. Plenty of left over birthday cake and plenty of lovely coffee chats with some healers and folk who were very interesting and pleasant.

Wednesday went with a friend and some lovely ladies for a walk around the river- which was some much needed exercise and company too. I was also lucky enough in a particular Facebook group to be the Weekly Wonder Women who gives a reading for the group. I love being in nature when I channel so decided to do the quick reading at the river. The energy strongly suggested this week for the group was about endings and beginnings- a lot of positive energy in the new beginnings and also a heaviness energy in regards to the endings. I come home and with great difficulty posted the reading as I have had no computer keyboard for the last week as I accidentally spilled a drink whoops- and then after this I received news that my colleague had passed away on Tuesday. I went into a state of shock. There were no words coming from my mouth. He was too young, too nice, too kind, too generous and it didn’t make any sense. After breaking the news to another colleague, she too informed me of more shocking news- Wednesday was not fun.

I have spent a considerable portion of my adulthood with these two people we’ve had countless lunches, chats and helped each other through our research degrees. I cannot speak to this person anymore I cannot say thanks for the birthday wishes or how are things going? I cannot hear anymore jokes or stories or even just say hi. And I wish I could.

My spiritual self has been fun this week. Full of healing and forgiveness on other accounts and a whole lot of new awakening going on- some more colour healing and I can see more of the aura with my eyes- seems impressive. And yes I’m a medium so maybe I can communicate- but grief well this happens too and so it should. This is a part of being a human.

Thursday I chatted to a friend on the telephone who I had never spoken with before which was certainly a highlight and Friday has been relaxing and some more birthday celebrating as my mother threw me a dinner party tonight which was a lovely surprise.

In all of the ebbs and flows of my birthday week I guess there are a few lessons:

  1. Don’t take life for granted.
  2. Say what you want to say when you want to say it.
  3. Be grateful always for what you had and what you have.

Stephanie x









General Channeled Reading 17/05-23/05/17

Indications here that at the moment there are again a lot of questions around people who are questioning where they are going in their life and trying to decide between one thing or another. And I also feel that there are currently endings for a lot of people however over the next few weeks there are going to be new positive beginnings changes for a lot of people in their relationships or work lives. People will find satisfaction and happiness on their journey particularly around the end of this month.

My guide is indicating this week you are either in an ending phase, where things are ending, or you’re in the very early stages of new beginnings or you may have been given an offer or may have taken out on a date, for example, you’re the very early stages of beginnings or your finishing/ending, things are completing for you- kind of in that crossover period if you like at this time.

My guide is also indicating at the moment people are questioning a lot of things in their life where they want to go and I feel things are going to move forward positively over the next few weeks- I’m going to leave it there as I’m repeating myself.

*This is a video transcript taken from here.

The Paradigm Shift – a channelled message 09/05/17

Our world is made up of theories and practices that are orchestrated from the top to the bottom. Someone decides a theory fits and the rest practice it. Leaders delegate, followers participate. Fundamentally, no-one argues.

There are a select few who choose not to assume or assimilate and work on the notions of energy and parallellity whereby there is an existence, a flow,  that does not separate, disempower or unbind us from each other but is continuous and ever present.

There is an ongoing disparity between the greats and the greed of others. Destitution is rife and displeasure in higher circles that has ruinated throughout the ages, but I will say that this is a founding factor in the paradigm shift- a consequence of clueless evolution where individuals will rise up among the leaders and find their own way. The great divide will lessen and the impact will be severe but we will rise again let that be clear.

There is a story to be told in every complex notion the argumentative seek to change the status quo, the conservative provide the latent polling and the capitalists greed for more. Ultimately the leftist views are driven by socialists among us and the politics of the day but overall the notion balances out as the shift is changing right now.

*This is a channeled message.

Enjoy your journey!

Stephanie x

7 Signs You are Spiritually Awakening

A spiritual awakening is the process by which an individual increases their conscious awareness. It can be a gradual or sudden process and can be characterised by signs – some of which I will outline below.

A spiritual awakening in my view is different to spiritual enlightenment as this is more of a completed and constant state of realisation where the level of consciousness remains stable.

I have outlined below some signs of a spiritual awakening. It is by no means exhaustive but hopefully can validate what you are going through.

Signs you are experiencing a spiritual awakening include feeling emotions intensely, being frustrated with life, questioning your beliefs, unexplained tiredness, aches and pains, synchronicities and increased senses and intuition.

  1. You may start to notice that your emotions are more intense than usual. You may experience more intense sadness or happiness compared to what you have previously.
  1. You may have a strong sense of frustration or restlessness where you are not happy with the meaning in your life
  1. You may start questioning everything you have been taught to believe. You will question your job, your career or your relationships and their place in your life.
  1. Physically, you may experience unexplained tiredness or feeling drained. You may also experience bouts of dizziness or ringing in the ears.
  1. You may experience vivid dreams that are frightening or more intense than usual.
  1. You may experience synchronicity or coincidences where two seemingly unrelated events seem to coincide with each other, related to you by meaning rather than a tangible cause. For example, you have been thinking about chocolate all day and you go shopping to see three other shoppers consuming chocolate before realising that they are giving blocks of them anyway for free- woo hoo!
  1. You may experience heightened senses where your sight, hearing, taste, touch or smell becomes intensified. You may also experience heightened intuition.

I hope these tips have enabled you to recognise if you are experiencing a spiritual awakening. If you want further clarity and support join my list to receive a spiritual awakening checklist and informative fortnightly newsletters.

If you know someone who will find this blog helpful please share this with them.

Leave me a comment and let me know what signs you have or are experiencing.

Until next time, enjoy your journey!

Stephanie x

General Reading 26/04 – 02/05/2017

Overall, there is going to be an up leveling of energy if you like. The universal energy has lifted. I also sense that we’re at the beginning of transformation and changes are going to be taking place either this week or in the following 3 weeks ahead. And I sense trepidation- so I don’t know if people are questioning the changes around them or whether they are questioning what’s happening or feeling nervous about their current changes going on but I certainly feel there is positive energy coming forward for us as a whole and I feel like its going to be gradual changes in a lot of cases rather than big shifts in a second ‘boom’- like that!

I feel too that communication is going to be clear and enhanced. You will get along with individuals better than you have previous weeks. Its like there is a relaxation if you like, a stepping back, where people are in a more positive space and there’s an ease and flow this week compared to previous weeks.

In summary,

  • Positive communication between individuals including colleagues and close associates.
  • Energy has uplifted – its more positive and smoother (relaxed) compared to the previous 2-3 weeks.
  • Forward momentum in regards to changes in your life: going to be gradual for most people rather than ‘boom’ a massive change quickly. Some people are experiencing trepidation in regards to the current changes however I feel these changes are positive as a whole.

This is a transcript of a live video available here.

Comment below and let me know if this reading resonates for you 🙂

Until next time,

Enjoy your journey!

Stephanie x

10 Ways to Bring More Gratitude into Your Day.

Gratitude is an attitude. A mindset that allows you to be thankful for something in your life regardless of your circumstances. Focusing daily on what you are grateful for is immeasurably beneficial to cultivating a positive mindset and outlook. Bringing gratitude into your life daily has a variety of positive benefits in all areas of your life including to your health, career and emotions.

Below is a quick list of 10 ways to add more gratitude into your life every day.

1.      Write a gratitude journal.

2.      Write down three things daily that you’re thankful for.

3.      Reminisce about this time last year and focus on the blessing and the lessons.

4.      Be present in the moment.

5.      Donate or volunteer or help someone for free.

6.      Say thank you even to the little things.

7.      Be thankful for the day.

8.      Say a gratitude prayer.

9.      Say thanks even for the negative in your life. This will allow you to really establish what you are thankful for.

10.  Say thank you to others and mean it. This could mean writing someone a letter, email or text and expressing to them how grateful you are for them in your life.

Being grateful has long being associated with increased happiness and positivity in an individual’s life. It also allows more positiveness to come into your life as you attract what you focus on.

Let me know what gratitude practices you use or will be using daily in the comments below.

Enjoy your journey!

Stephanie x

5 Types of Meditation to Help You Spiritually Awaken

Meditation is the umbrella term for a wide range of practices that allow the participant to self-regulate their body and mind. Meditation has been proven to provide health benefits in all aspects of life including lowering blood pressure, more focus, less stress and slowing down the aging process. Practices include:

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Mantra Meditation
  • Guided Meditation
  • Meditative Movement exercise
  • Breathing exercises

There are many more types of meditation however this blog aims to introduce you to different types of meditation practices that are useful during your spiritual awakening.

Mindfulness Meditation is a practice where the breath is used as the focus point.  This meditation allows there to be focus on the present moment by focusing inward on the breath. When the focus becomes distracted by thoughts the individual allows the thoughts through with gentle awareness and acceptance before focusing back on the breath. Here is a short mindfulness meditation you may like to try.

Mantra meditation is a practice where a word is used as the focus point. A mantra is a word repeated with the purpose of focusing your mind. An example of a mantra is ‘OM’. A short mantra meditation is here.

A guided meditation is one that is spoken by an individual/s who does not take part in the meditation and instead guides or instructs the participant/s.  Guided meditations are usually mindfulness meditations utilising visualisation such as a beach or garden setting. An example of a guided beach meditation is here. These meditations are wonderful for relaxation.

Meditative movement exercises such as yoga, qu gong or tai chi help to balance the functions of the body and mind through gentle and purposeful practice.  All of these practices focus on the breath and allow a person to become grounded, centred and relaxed via slow movement and focus. A 30 minute guided yoga video is here for you.

Breathing exercises are a type of meditation practice that is quick and easy enabling the individual to become calm, grounded and centred quickly in a variety of situations. Here is a quick video on deep breathing.

All of these meditation practices will help you remain focused, centred, grounded and relaxed. They will support you through your spiritual awakening by allowing you to remain present, grounded and focused.

Leave me a comment and let me know what meditation practices you have tried and which you enjoy most.

Until next time, enjoy your journey!

Stephanie x

Excerpts of this blog have been taken from my book Spiritual Versus: A guide to Psychic Development which can be purchased as an E-book or in print.

Do you want to change? What’s stopping you?

Imagine a life without limits. You can do anything you please. Yet you don’t move toward what you are wanting. Why is this? Is it fear? Is it excuses? Is it that you are comfortable where you are and not willing to take a leap of faith?

See, change starts with YOU and only you. You are the one who decides where you are going, what you’re going to do and to take action in your life, or not take action- this is totally up to you.

Your mind it loves to stay comfortable. It likes to alert you of danger on your path and you making a new decision creates an uncomfortable response- but what if? well I don’t know how? Excuses- I can’t.

You can change your mind. Just as you can change your life. There are no limits in your life- except your mind.

So figure out what’s the worst that could happen if you took that leap of faith?

I have a little activity- if you would like. If you’re sitting here thinking I don’t need to change I am happy with life- this is great for you- I’m amazed – I hope your life continues on a upward slope to continued happiness, abundance, peace and joy- and you could probably skip this part- but if you are wanting to change aspects of your life- this could include career, relationships, finances, fitness, mindset, health or anything else in your life- give this visualisation a go. Read it all first- then do it!

First off – you will need a paper and a pen or Microsoft Word or Notepad or something similar to write down your thoughts after you are finished the visualisation. Then get comfy wherever you are sitting.

Then click here: (this is just a relaxation track)

Take 2 deep breaths.

Close your eyes. Take your time- maybe 30 seconds here to get centred and relaxed.

Ask yourself in your mind:

What do I want to change in your life?

What do I want to change right now?

What would change look like to me?

Why do I want to change it?

Spend time thinking about these things until you’re satisfied with your answers.

Take some more deep breaths and close the meditation browser.

Write down or type your answers to those questions. Ask yourself:

Are these changes realistically for me right now?

What is the first step to make the change happen?

And most importantly:

Why do I want to change?

From here- you have a choice- take action or take no action- this is your choice.

Create a small action plan. The first step, the second step, the third step and you will go there when you remember the why, you commit and you take action!!!!!!!

Hope you find this helpful. This blog was inspired by a motivational speaker Jim Rohn.

I love his work- check it out here:

Enjoy your journey!

Stephanie x

General Reading 5th April 2017 -11th April 2017.

Introspection is the theme that runs through this week. A lot of individuals will be reflective and looking within themselves in regards to their communication with others. There are social engagements in the later part of next week where some people will want to engage more with others, but I feel like there will be aspects of time where people will want to be alone.

There is a feeling that people will be more guarded than usual because of the intense energy this week. Individuals want to hold back information or withdraw from others however there is a need to keep the lines of communication open particularly with people close to you because this can lead to confrontation.

In summary, a lot of people will be questioning how they communicate and generally reflecting within themselves how they operate socially with others. The intensity will be high and action-orientated. There is a need to practice self-care and ensure you are looking after yourself mentally, physically, spiritually- due to the high energies around at the moment.


This is a transcription of my video posted here.

Is comparing yourself to others going well for you? No! These tips will help!

Comparisonitis: Comparing Yourself to Others.

It has come up again and again with my clients over the past few weeks. Many client’s feel stuck or unable to move forward because of their case of comparisonitis and they are not sure of how to stop comparing themselves to others. Below I have outlined some techniques and tips you may use to help overcome this.

First of all, think about what you are comparing. Are you comparing the shop front? Is what you are viewing as magnificent in their life a true representation of the individual’s entire life? I doubt it!

Become aware of the why. Why are you allowing yourself to compare yourself to others- what has triggered this thinking pattern?

What you’re comparing is it a fair comparison? Are you comparing their strengths to your weaknesses, for example? Is this fair? I doubt it!

Be Grateful for your strengths and what’s going well for you. A gratitude journal is a really useful tool for you to examine what you’re thankful for and will help you to acknowledge where you are at and what’s going well in your life.

You’re on this Earth to do something only you can do!

Comparing yourself to others – it’s not worth it because everyone is on their own unique journey and therefore, you should compare yourself to yourself!

Ask yourself these questions instead:

What have I done today that’s better than yesterday?

How have I moved forward from last year until now?

And celebrate those successes every day!

Let me know if these tips have been useful for you and which ones you have integrated into your life.

Enjoy your journey and keep smiling!

Stephanie x